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The Craston Martin Vantage N420

The latest chapter in Josh's story.

As some of you may know, I've always jumped in at the deep end with projects. During lockdown I got the sudden urge to repair a crashed car. Most people would have probably started with an easy to fix VW polo or a car where parts would be abundant and easy to source... not this guy. 
A Vantage came up for sale on Copart and not even really knowing what I was looking at (at this point I was googling the difference between a Vantage and a DB9) I made a bid. I used pretty much all my savings and money from other sold projects.
Now without going into too much detail (that’s why a made the YouTube videos), it quickly became apparent that there was very little to no support for the used AM scene. That’s when I started an Aston Martin DIY community on Facebook, which then lead to me creating the "Alternative Parts" list which is forever growing and enabling enthusiasts like me to get parts at a much more reasonable price!

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