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Aston Martin China AC Compressor

The last peice of the puzzle to my build, the AC compressor!

An Aston Martin dealer let me know that the cause of my squeak was my ac compressor pully was slightly bend and off cam. Now I know that a really unique problem to have and its unlikely you will be suffering the same fate but you might be looking at replacing yours because it's defective or failed.

Now Aston Martin quoted me £2600 to replace it, which was very kind. But I'm Northern, and for the Americans amongst you it means I'm pretty much a British redneck. It also means I'm not paying anybody, not even the Queen herself £2600 to fit me an AC compressor.

So I found the China compressor on the Alternative Parts List (can be found on this website). It was £94, but that has to be too good to be true, right?

It turns out, the original compressor is made by denso, and you can aquire it directly for £600, but that's still a far cry from £94. So I took a chance and ordered it.

After waiting what felt like an eternity the pump arrived, dimensionally its identical and the only real difference is the pully. Its even got some simular casting defects which is suspicious (maybe denso copied of the chinese design). I paid a local garage to fit It, I don't have the ability to remove the gas so it was just an hours labour to fit It.

I don't know what else to say, pump fits great, it doesn't squeak any more and I have saved a very large chunk of money which can be spent on fuel, car parts, fuel and fuel

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